If you were involved in a car accident that was not your fault and your car sustained major damage, you are entitled to obtain a replacement vehicle. If you cannot afford to pay for the damage or the replacement car, you are allowed to use a replacement vehicle on a credit hire basis. A credit hire is billed on a daily basis and the cost is dependent on the model, specs and value of the car. Insurance providers will get you a car that is similar to your own. However, if they cannot find an identical model, they will provide you a similar model vehicle.

We can provide legal advice on credit hire. Our lawyers can provide comprehensive credit hire support. We can handle claims in excess of £100,000. Whether it is a credit hire claim, allegations of fraud related to credit hire, or low impact cases, we cover it all. We ensure that our lawyers have the most up-to-date knowledge on ever-changing credit hire rules, ensuring immediate legal intervention and consultation as well as legal representation and support, no matter where you are in the country.

What is Credit Hire?

Credit hire refers to the supply of a like-for-like replacement hire vehicle on a credit basis to the non-fault party.

The credit hire company recovers its hire costs from the driver at fault’s insurer upon the settlement of the claim.

Problems can arise between credit hire companies and vehicle owners. The damaged vehicle’s owner signs a contractual agreement with a credit hire company where he/she hires the vehicle from the credit hire company on a basis of a credit agreement.

The payment is covered by the at-fault driver’s insurance company whereas the innocent or non-fault driver will not be charged.

Usage of Taxis

Occasionally, clients may be offered the usage of taxis rather than a replacement vehicle as a temporary solution. This would remain in effect until the credit hire claim is resolved.

Our Services Include:

  • The reduction of indemnity

Our credit hire solicitors reduce your indemnity spend by developing risk control data and interpreting this to identify issues and trends that may be affecting indemnity. We can further reduce indemnity spend by constantly monitoring the developments in regulatory and political environments to see how they can be used to provide you with an advantage in the market.

  • Providing dedicated hire intelligence analysts as well as researchers to prepare intelligence reports

We have a team of credit hire intelligence analysts and researchers who provide intelligence reports and profiles on various credit hire organisations and accident management companies in the UK. Our team is knowledgeable on the credit hire practical and legal challenges that affect these corporations. Their report will provide you with the right information to settle your credit hire claim.

  • Developing effective “know-your-opponent” techniques and strategies

A strong “Know-Your-Opponent” strategy has never been more important in identifying fraudulent credit hire claims. The process in identifying fraudulent claims is divided into four components: identification, validation, investigation and resolution. Our credit hire solicitors conduct each part carefully to provide you with the best possible outcome for your credit hire claim.

  • Providing an understanding of what a strong credit hire performance is

If you are still unsure on what to do for your credit hire claim, our solicitors will walk you through the process to gain a strong credit hire claim. They will provide you with legal advice so that you can create a credit hire claim that does not violate any laws or policies on credit hire.

  • Ensuring that you know your rights related to credit hire

Before you file your credit hire claim, our solicitors will orient you on all your rights related to credit hire. This helps you make informed decisions when deciding on important matters of your case. If you need to review your rights during the case, your solicitor will gladly give you a review on them.

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