We offer our clients legal advice on various aspects of family law. Our reputation is based on client satisfaction where we ensure the perfect provision of family law legal advising services.

Whether it is a divorce, a prenuptial agreement, or any other associated aspect of family law, you are entitled to seek legal advice. We ensure that our family law lawyers provide our clients with top legal advice and assistance. We provide immediate legal intervention and consultation as well as legal representation and support anywhere in the United Kingdom.

There are various areas associated with family law that we can help with, including:


Divorce is defined as separation and breakdown of a marriage. Divorce is an area of family law where legal advice becomes very important. Legal separation sometimes involves a long and complicated procedure and it is important to seek legal advice from an expert.

We can help you minimise the stress associated with the divorce, reduce the lengthy procedure, and legally assist in rebuilding our clients’ lives. Our specialists are trained to deal with highly complicated divorce scenarios.

Family Mediation

Alternative dispute resolution has long been considered as the preferred method of settling cases, especially marriage related ones.

We prefer encouraging parting parties to try resolving their differences outside court through family mediation.

Family mediation is not the sole alternative dispute resolution, we also offer assistance through assessment meetings and arbitration.


Many couples confuse the words marriage and cohabitation. Cohabitation is different from marriage in the sense that it refers to couples who live together but are not married.

We provide assistance in drafting a cohabitation agreement to couples who intend on living together without getting married. The cohabitation agreement protects the rights of unmarried couples, especially their movable and immovable properties and assets.

Prenuptial Agreements and Post-nuptial Agreements

Prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements are regarded as contracts entered into before or after marriage. These agreements play a huge role in preserving pre-exisiting assets by by both parties. We can help with drafting, editing, and advising on prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements.


When it comes to family law, disputes involving children are sensitive matters. There are various legal issues associated with children in family law.

These involve, but are not limited to, child custody, parental responsibility, adoption, children’s rights and protection. All of the above mentioned legal issues are equally important and require expert advice.

Emergency services

If you are facing domestic violence, or the potential of domestic violence, speak to us immediately. We can help obtain non-molestation orders, occupation orders, or any other related assistance.

Our goal is to protect our clients from domestic abuse or harm and to provide them with legal advice on how to deal with the matter.

Domestic violence

Our professionals can implement legal arrangements and safety plans for your children.

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