Medical negligence cases involve medical professionals who fail in their duty of care to their patients. Their negligence usually leads to a patient sustaining an injury or making an existing medical condition worse. The duration of a medical negligence case is dependent on the severity of the injury and whether the National Health Service or private healthcare provider responsible accepts their mistake.

Our medical negligence solicitors are highly experienced in handling many types of medical negligence cases. They provide expert advice on your case to ensure that you receive compensation that helps you access the means to recover. Other than compensation, we’ll help you get the apology and answers you deserve. There are various types of claims associated with medical negligence that we can help with, and these include:

Birth Injury

Unfortunately, and on rare occasions, babies can incur facial injuries due to medical staff negligence. There are also rare cases when babies can pass away as a result of medical negligence. If your baby has been injured by doctors or other medical staff before, during and after birth, you are entitled to make a claim. Our solicitors aim to help you secure enough compensation to cover the costs of any rehabilitation, medical care and home adaptations needed for your baby.

Cosmetic Associated Injuries

Cosmetic associated injuries can occur when undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures. On rare occasions, these types of injuries have proven to be fatal, leading to permanent damage. Our solicitors can help you get funds to pay for corrective treatments. You can make a compensation claim if:

• You did not receive sufficient details about the risks of your procedure.

• Your cosmetic treatment was not performed to the expected standard.

• You did not get the proper aftercare treatment. 

Spine Related Injuries

Spine-related injuries usually involve the neck, back and spinal cord. These injuries are caused by mistakes during surgery that lead to damaged nerves that affect movement and sense of touch. If a patient has a broken vertebrae or crushed disc and a doctor fails to diagnose it, the patient could be in danger of paralysis or long-term mobility issues. Our medical negligence solicitors can help you if you have incurred any spinal-related injury due to medical negligence.


Medical Misdiagnosis is when a doctor or any other medical professional misdiagnoses your condition. This type of medical negligence issue falls under three categories. The first is total misdiagnosis where an illness or health condition fails to be diagnosed after the patient’s condition worsens. The second is late diagnosis – this impacts a patient’s recovery time and may prolong their health issues. The third category is incorrect diagnosis, which results in improper treatment or medication to the patient.

Nerve Associated Injuries

Nerve damage can involve minor and major injuries resulting from medical malpractice. Surgeons performing an operation often work in proximity to various nerve endings. This means that any mistake can have serious consequences for the patient. Mistakes in surgeries that can lead to nerve damage include the following but are not limited to:

• Nerves cut during knee replacement surgery 

• Damaged nerves during tumour removal surgery

•Damaged inguinal and genitor femoral nerve during hernia surgery

Dental Negligence

Dental negligence can cause excruciating pain, as well as other complexities including long-term injuries. Examples of dental negligence include:

Wrong tooth extraction

• X-ray misinterpretation leading to further complexities

• Negligence associated with dental implants

• Wrong root canal treatment

• Misdiagnoses of Dental diseases

• Nerve damage caused by negligence

• Poor insertion of crowns or fillings

In terms of dental claims, the severity of your injury and whether your dentist accepts responsibility, will play a large part in determining the length of time before a claim is settled. We make sure to settle minor cases as quickly as possible, however complicated cases dealing with bigger claims can take longer.

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