A personal injury is defined as an injury that is inflicted upon an individual where it causes recognisable damage leading to pain and suffering. For a personal injury claim to be successful, it is necessary to establish proof that the injury was induced due to someone else’s fault. Our accident injury solicitors in Bolton are always ready to handle the most challenging claims. They have handled many types of personal injury claims ranging from minor injuries to fatal accidents.

There are various types of claims associated with personal injury and these include:

Trips and Falls

Considered to be one of the most common types of injuries. Tripping and injuring yourself in a public place due to someone else’s fault may entitle you to make a personal injury claim. The owner of the place in question has a duty towards the people who make use of these areas.

Road traffic accidents

Accidents on the road are unfortunately very common. These don’t just involve car accidents; they can also include cyclists, pedestrians and passengers.

The most common types of road traffic accident claims include:

• Driver injury claims – if you sustained an injury while driving your car when a road accident occurred, you are entitled to claim compensation from the person who is considered legally at fault.

• Passenger injury claims – Contact our accident solicitors in Bolton to claim compensation as a passenger if a negligent or reckless driver is responsible for your injuries.

• Motorcyclist injury claims – Our personal injury solicitors in Bolton are experienced helping riders or the family of the riders claim compensation for broken bones, whiplash injuries, fatalities and more.

• Taxi claims – Whether you sustained injury from a collision or a hit and run incident, we’ll help you make a successful claim for compensation after your taxi accident.

• Caravan injury claims – We have experience with victims who need help in claiming compensation for injuries as a result of careless caravan towing and reckless caravan driving.

• Uninsured / Untraced driver claims – if you sustained injury from a driver who has no valid insurance or from a hit and run case, we will help you obtain rightful compensation.

Accidents at Work

Your employer has a duty of care to ensure that you and your colleagues have a safe environment to work in.

If your employer neglects this duty, it puts you at risk.

Accidents at work can cause injuries that leave you unable to work, leading to financial losses.

You may have to take time off or pay hefty bills for medical treatments or physiotherapy.

All these expenses can potentially be reimbursed as part of your injury claim if it is proven that your employer failed to provide you with a safe working environment.

Child Injuries

Serious injuries can also involve children. Whether it is at school or a public park, your children are just as entitled to claiming compensation as you are. According to UK law, individuals under 18 years old are not eligible to file their own injury claim as they lack the necessary legal capacity. A parent or guardian is appointed to file a compensation claim on behalf of the child.

Serious Injuries

Usually refer to injuries that involve, but are not limited to the head, spinal cord, amputation, blindness and orthopedic damage. If an injury has a life-changing impact on you, you may be entitled to compensation. The punitive damages can sometimes be substantial. Our accident solicitors in Bolton will advise you on what they think the value of your claim is. They will also ask how much compensation you’re prepared to accept and whether you want to make an ‘offer to settle’ for your preferred amount.

Product Liability

Injuries incurred as a result of defective products can potentially warrant personal injury claims. Product liability injuries can be made against the manufacturers or sellers of medicines, food, electronics, fireworks, cars, drugs, and more. To establish the liability of the manufacturer or seller, the claimant must provide evidence that the manufacturer owed them a duty of care and breached that duty.


Motorcyclists are incredibly vulnerable on the road, and extreme precaution is necessary. Poor road services, reckless driving of others, and even motorbike malfunctions may entitle you to compensation. Our personal injury solicitors understand that the trauma of a motorbike accident can last longer than the treatment of your injuries. We make sure you receive the right compensation for the injuries you sustained.

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL)

This type of injury can occur if you have been exposed to a high intensity of noise for a constant period that eventually causes damage to your hearing. Ideal candidates for NIHL claims are individuals who previously worked in noisy environments such as mills and factories. The more serious the hearing impairment, the greater the amount of compensation will be given.

Other Types of Claims Could Include…

  • Sports injuries
  • Medical negligence and malpractice claims
  • Slips trips and falls
  • Military accidents
  • Abuse claims

If you feel that you have a valid personal injury claim, or are unsure about a recent incident, why not speak to our Personal Injury Team today?

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